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What is creativity for you?


What is creativity for you? You are a creative person when it comes to building a project and writing a business plan. 

Do you think creative people are better at running small businesses, writing a paper or creating a family?

Have you had any impact on by your ideas lately? I don't want to say yes, but what kind of things?

We do need to have a sense of purpose. 

What's the most important work? Where our ideas are most needed? What purpose does it serves?

For me, my most important work this days is being a mom at home. They say anybody can be a parent. It’s on our nature. But as a graduated designer, I came to realize that creativity has everything to do with purpose and a sense of adventure and I’ll tell you why.

Purpose is more than making sense of things, of life, of your actions. It’s a reasoning tool that focus your thoughts and give base ground for your ideas to develop. 

Since you need lots of different parts to build anything complex enough and time to grow it to something worth enough that generates better results that the energy you put in to it, as you gain experience and maturity as a creative person, you’ll realize that it’s not just about having great ideas.

The thing is you don’t know what ideas are good from the ones that are bad until you put them into practice. Put it to the test, put it to use of someone else. 

Sometimes, after a long run of study, years actually, trying to figure something out, trying to solve some puzzling life mystery for your own sense of purpose, you’ll come up with an idea that you know for sure it’s great even without putting it to words or sketching it somehow. 

Even then, I think that if I don't give my ideas a chance to develop, It never will. And that's true.

It’s your believe system that gives ground for and idea to show it’s worth. Who has time to spare, to feed an idea, to believe in it long enough so it becomes independent and self sustainable?

See now how creativity relates to parenting? As a child, an idea needs parenting, someone that believes in it like no other, that sees a better future with it that without it, and will not give up easily as difficulties arrives. Cause they will. 

It’s not a clean and sunny path to greatness. It’s a massy thing parenting, as it is to be bold enough to call yourself truly creative.

It’s at difficult times you need clarity of purpose. To sustain that crazy though that this idea is worth giving yourself entirely to it. To make sacrifices, to give it your time, attention and dedication when no one else does. Even more when everyone around you it’s telling you to give up on it.

Do you think that you have a future im life? Maybe you have more of a future than most people – I’m just not sure.

We need more young creative leaders and we need them to develop creatively inside big companies as well as startups. It's a little bit like a parenting system: It's very difficult to get good adults from poor childhood. As we run in to the Creativity Economy, we’ll need a creative system in order to get young students to become creative leaders to work for great brands. But not if first the leaders of today aren’t bold enough to believe and nurture young ideas and young people now.

Besides that, my golden tip is, you can be a leader for yourself even if no one does. If you have clarity of your purpose and courage to follow your dreams.

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